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Staughton College has been educating Melton young people for over thirty years. We enjoy spacious school grounds, just a short walk from the Melton Train Station. Simon Staughton and his family were the first settlers in the Melton South district. They travelled from England to start a new life in Victoria when there were no roads or services and few people in the district. After years of pioneering effort, Simon owned tracts of land from Melton to Werribee and left a rich inheritance for his descendants.

The Staughton family motto was “Through Industry you progress”. We are proud to build on the Staughton pioneering spirit of perseverance and achievement here at Staughton College. Our school motto is Try – Persevere – Achieve. This is a snapshot of our philosophy. It reminds all of us in our College community that learning involves a series of steps. These steps seem simple but they are essential if we want to grow as people – not just now, but throughout our lives.

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We expect and value parent support for school programs and policies in helping to maintain a working, productive environment. The potential, creativity and spirit of our young people continue to be an inspiration and a source of confidence in the future.

Their commitment to achieving high academic results while being fine citizens of the school community, the support of families and the talents and dedication of our staff make Staughton College a great place to come to every day.

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Our vision at Staughton College

 ‘As a collaborative community we take on the challenge of creating a culture where ambition meets excellence. This is a culture where students develop academically, socially and personally to become the best versions of themselves, through a focus on teaching about effort, learning and respect. In doing this, students will be actively engaged in their passions both inside and outside the classroom.’

At Staughton we all working hard to bring this vision to life across the school.



We encourage perseverance and see it as the pathway to achievement.

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