ARTs Week Celebration

June 6, 2018

There was creativity in the air last week as Staughton celebrated all things Art! Each day, students had the opportunity to participate in Art, Music, Drama, Vis Com, Media and instrumental music workshops. Throughout the week, students participated in an interactive Yayoi Kusama inspired sticker installation, using different coloured dots each day, to fill a plain white room.


On Monday, Staughton was lucky enough to host the artist Callum Preston, who did a street art demonstration in the courtyard. Monday also saw Yarn Bombing and a live ARTs themed radio show which was a wonderful way to start the week.


Tuesday celebrated drama and theatre studies as students dressed up in various costumes for the selfie booth activity.



On Wednesday, students indulged in their musical aspirations designing and creating guitar picks with the music staff.


Thursday featured a photographic light painting workshop at lunchtime and a hall projection workshop.



Our final day celebrated instrumental music with lots of busking and live performances from students and staff alike, throughout the music rooms and courtyard.


What a great showcase of our talented students and staff. It was our best ARTs week yet. Well done to all the students and staff who participated.



Here are some student reflections from the week-



I thought it was a good idea and lots of people helped out. During the sticker installation, there were different colours for each day and by the end it was colourful! I attended the activities and workshops every day!

Amy Fredes 8D


The light painting workshop was fun! Some of the final images looked really cool – Kaitlyn & Shaylee 8E