Every School Day Counts

May 12, 2016

Important Information Regarding School Attendance

As part of our regular routines Co-ordinators are making daily follow up calls with families regarding any unexplained student absences. We each have a role to play in making sure students are accounted for. Here is what you can do to help:

AttendanceIf your child is away: Call the 24 hour absence line on (03) 9743 5061 and leave a clear brief message explaining the reason for being away. Be sure to include your child’s name and the day.

If your child is late: Walk them to the office or provide them with a note to hand in at the office.

If your child is going to be away for an extended holiday: Contact the relevant Co-ordinator PRIOR to the absence.

If your child has a medical appointment: Still call the absence line. When at your appointment ask for a medical certificate or certificate of attendance and hand it in at the office.

If your child needs to leave early: They MUST have a note in their diary with the time they need to leave class. Students are required to then show the note to the classroom teacher who will allow them to leave at the appropriate time and report to the office. Students are to wait to be picked up in the office area where the parent or guardian will sign the student out. Please be aware that office staff will only collect students for emergencies and announcements cannot be made during class time.

Some extra incentive for our students: Co-ordinators are regularly rewarding students who attend school consistently.