Leadership Program

Staughton College provides a structured student leadership program that caters for a diverse range of student interests and achievement.

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Leadership opportunities include roles for –

School Captains

Senior (VCE and VCAL) Leaders

House Captains

Sport Captain

Year 7 Scholarship Leaders (Please click here for the 2018 applications)

Year 8 Leaders

Year 9, Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) Leaders

Year 10 Leaders

Debating Leaders

Music Leaders

Performing Arts Leaders

Cultural Captains

Community Involvement Captains

School Magazine editor

Student interest clubs and activities groups and monitors.

Involvement in the Staughton College student leadership program is often considered by students to be a highlight of their time at school. The program provides students with opportunities to make choices and take responsibility for their leadership education through involvement in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The leadership program aims to build connectedness and improve outcomes for students who have a genuine interest in authentic leadership roles. Through involvement in these activities, and with support of staff students build positive relationships that help to promote a positive school culture and ensure they have genuine leadership opportunities in areas they are interested in.