Online Learning through Google Classroom

Online Learning at Staughton College

Google Classrooms

How to use Google Classroom

Google Classroom Codes

Year 7

Year 7 Google Classroom Codes (Semester 1 2021)

Year 8

Year 8 Google Classroom Codes (Semester 1 2021)

Year 9

Year 9 Google Classroom Codes (Semester 1, 2021)

Year 10 – 12

Year 10-12 Google Classroom Codes (2021)

12 Careers: jcndgqs

11 Careers: 26x2ulr

People without a Staughton email cannot add themselves to these classrooms.


Contacting Teachers

Students can use the comment sections of Google Classroom to contact teachers.

We ask that you please be patient as teachers may be responding to other students.



Behaviour expectations online

Our behaviour expectations online are the same as our behaviour expectations during normal school times. We will continue to teach and reward the behaviours from our Staughton Student Matrix. You may want to set up a system to reinforce this at home.