Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Staughton College

School Captains Jazzie Donnelly and Jasmine Green

Staughton College strongly supports Student Leadership, in fact Staughton relies on Student Leadership as an integral part of day to day life at the College. At a senior student level, Student Leaders meet daily for tutorial sessions to work on and develop their own, and whole school projects. This tutorial is supervised by the Communication, Public Speaking, and Student Voice staff. Student Voice lies at the heart of Engagement and Ownership of the school community for students and works alongside staff across the College whether it be within the classroom setting or outside to support events, activities or clubs.


Students gain many authentic learning and real-life experiences by being involved in Student Leadership regardless on their individual strengths or interests and we encourage and support students to develop and have opportunities to pursue and follow their own ambitions. We encourage our students to have pride and confidence in representing the College in whatever form this may take.

Senior Student Leadership Applications 2022

Senior Student Leadership is a challenging and rewarding opportunity for students. Application forms for 2022 Student Leadership positions from Year 10 to 12, in lots of different areas are available online now.

Forms can be completed online via the links below and must be submitted by

Friday 17th September (Last Day of Term)

As part of the process, you will need to provide the names of two referees that will support your application. Please ask them to be a referee before applying as we may contact them.


Application Forms

Make sure you are signed into Google Chrome with your Staughton email address to allow access to application forms.

Senior School Leaders (Current 9 – 11s) 2022 Senior Leadership Application

Junior Student Leadership Applications 2022

Junior Student Leadership Applications are open now.

Year 7: 2022 Year 7 Leadership Scholarship Applications:

Year 8: 2022 Junior Leadership Expression of Interest Application:


Year 9: Youth Empowerment Process (Y.E.P) Leaders Application 2022: