YAC Awards

July 19, 2018

The Melton City Council Youth Services team and Youth Advisory Council (YAC) are keen to recognise the positive contribution that young people make to our community, and on the 29th of June, an awards ceremony was held at the West Waters Hotel in Caroline Springs to honour youth leaders.

Adoralynn Papalii Seu was nominated for the Being Inclusive Award. The Being Inclusive category acknowledges and celebrates a young person who has been inclusive of their peers, whilst inspiring them to overcome difficulties or hardships.

Former students were nominated for their hard work, as well. Halina Tavita Alama was nominated for the Being Heard Award. This category recognises a young person who has demonstrated leadership within their community, school, work or other hobbies/pursuits and is regarded by their peers as a positive role model. This young person will have demonstrated a respectful, helpful and positive attitude within the mentioned environments.

Mariestella De Leon and Sharie May Castillo were nominated for the Being Happy and Healthy Award. This category recognises a young person who is passionate about art and has shown the ability to inspire others in a positive and a creative way. Being Happy and Healthy celebrates young people who have raised awareness of issues affecting others through their art.

A massive congratulations goes out to Love Mukunga for winning the Being Inclusive Award. Being a racial minority, Love has empowered other girls to stand tall and stand proud. Under Love’s tutelage and guidance, the African community was able to represent themselves at a college event for the first time ever at the 2017 Cultural Family Picnic, and again in this year’s Cultural Diversity Week. From Years 7 to 12, you can clearly see how the girls gather to listen to Love, and work together to share a positive representation of their culture to the whole school. Not only are they bringing down intercultural barriers, they are also learning to unite amongst themselves and their different tribes.

Love said, “It was amazing. I wasn’t expecting it. It was a shock!  It inspired me to try harder and do more with leadership in school, especially for next year. People should come and support our picnic in October this year because we have something great planned for the school.”

The Cultural Family Picnic is open to family and friends of students and staff. Save the date – 24th of October, 2018 from 3:30 – 5:30 pm.


Multicultural Education Aide