At Staughton College we believe in using assessment to inform the teaching and learning that happens in our classrooms. Our teachers regularly conduct assessment of student learning and use this data to plan the intended learning for each individual student. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on the assessment of their learning and, during conferencing with their teacher, set a challenging, yet achievable learning goal.

Throughout the school year students and their families receive an interim report in each term, which shows their learning progress and attitudes to learning. Interim reports give students an indication of the areas where students are doing well, and the areas they can focus on for improvement. In addition, students and their families receive two end-of-semester reports that show students’ learning progress against the Victorian Curriculum and their attitudes to learning.

At Staughton College we value effort, learning growth and student improvement. To assess students’ learning growth in literacy and numeracy, we conduct OnDemand testing twice a year. OnDemand is a standardised, adaptive test that determines the academic year level where students are currently working. Our focus for OnDemand is the learning growth students have achieved in 6 months. We value and celebrate the effort of students who have shown learning growth over a 6-month period, regardless of their starting level. OnDemand data is used by teachers across the school to help plan lessons that are aimed at the right level for each student. OnDemand data is also used, along with other assessment data, to determine the correct level of reading material, tutorial lessons and literacy homework assigned to students. By targeting instruction where each student is ready to learn, we provide students the opportunity to engage in productive challenges to achieve success and demonstrate learning growth.

There are three Parent Teacher Student Conferences held throughout the school year. These events provide students and their families the opportunity to conference with classroom teachers about their learning progress. We encourage all students to be reflective learners and attend Parent Teacher Student Conferences to set a learning goal with their classroom teacher.