CSEF Information

The Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund has been developed to replace the old EMA system. The money is to be used for camps, sports and excursions only. Below is an information flyer, application form and a link to the education departments website for more information. The application forms are to be returned to the office prior to 28th June. No late applications can be accepted.

2023 CSEF (Camps Sport & Excursion fund)  forms are now available for families that have a valid Pension or Health Care card from Centrelink. Families that have received the funding previously at Staughton College, are still eligible, and have had no family changes, will have their 2022 applications rolled over. Families that have had a new student start (or one enrolled to start in 2023) are required to complete a new application form to add that student on.