Principal’s Welcome

Our vision at Staughton College

 ‘As a collaborative community we take on the challenge of creating a culture where ambition meets excellence. This is a culture where students develop academically, socially and personally to become the best versions of themselves, through a focus on teaching about effort, learning and respect. In doing this, students will be actively engaged in their passions both inside and outside the classroom.’

At Staughton we all working hard to bring this vision to life across the school.

We have fantastic teachers and educational support staff at Staughton College. They care about our students. They take the time to know them as people, and learners. They deliberately develop strong relationships with them.

Our students are able to thrive in the classroom as well as in areas of student passion and interest such as sport, performing arts, debating and public speaking, leadership and community involvement. We have a student leadership program that has developed a wide range of inspirational and effective leaders within our classrooms and across all of our extra curricula activities. We are very proud of them.

We actively work with families to ensure students are happy and engaged at school. We appreciate the hard work that parents and carers do to get students to school and ready to learn, and in supporting their learning at home. As a result of this work together with families, student survey results show that students rate us in the top half of the state in all variables.

To ensure the success of our students:

  • We have an evidence based school-wide lesson structure. It ensures all students are clear about:
    • what they are ready to learn,
    • how they can most effectively learn it,
    • how to routinely reflect on their success and next steps.
  • We explicitly teach and reward the expected positive behaviours of learning, effort and respect through our whole-school Staughton Student Matrix.
  • We expect that our clear lesson structure and explicit teaching of positive behaviours will lead to learning growth for every student. We also value personal growth in areas of student interest outside the classroom.

Kristy Herridge

Acting Principal