School History

In 1979 our school began life, with a small intake of foundation students and staff, as Melton Technical School. Originally only consisting of portable buildings, founding Principal Jack Cunningham and his school council worked hard to ensure permanent building were constructed. In the 1990’s there ceased to be a distinction between Technical Schools and High Schools. Melton Technical College was renamed Wilson Park Secondary College. We now offered the full breadth of curriculum as all government Secondary Colleges. In the early 2000’s the school was again renamed as Staughton College. The major physical addition to the school since the original build is an outstanding Trade Training Centre launched by the then Principal Jenny Malberg in 2014. The school is now home to more than 1,000 students

Try Persevere Achieve

Our school motto is Try – Persevere – Achieve. This is a snapshot of our philosophy. It reminds all of us in our College community that learning involves a series of steps. These steps seem simple but they are essential if we want to grow as people – not just now but throughout our lives.


The first step in anything is to try – to have a go even when we don’t know whether we will succeed. Sometimes just a small step is enough for us to start to learn


Next we need to persevere – to keep trying even when we make mistakes or hit a difficult patch. Many things in life are hard and we only succeed if we persist with our efforts.


It is only when we persevere that we move forward in life. We always enjoy the satisfaction of achieving something worthwhile. When Staughton College students achieve, we celebrate as a community.