VCAL Showcase 2021

This year has been an exceptionally challenging year for all our students here at Staughton, and this is no exception for our cohort of VCAL students. Despite the hardships of disrupted classroom learning, cancelled project events, and the difficulty of senior schooling; our Foundation, Intermediate, and Senior students have persevered and excelled throughout this tumultuous year to get to this point. As a school community, we are incredibly proud of the resilience, hard work and dedication that these students have put in, and are proud to showcase their achievements and experiences over the course of the year.

Our students have worked diligently and persevered through adversity to get to this day, utilising a variety of both hands-on learning, and practical experience to complete projects, tasks, and activities to achieve their respective certificates.

We hope you enjoy these presentations of many of our student’s best and most enjoyable outcomes as well as their reflections on both their successes and challenges over the year.

Senior Reflections

Showcase Intermediate Presentation

Showcase Senior Presentation