Staughton College Music Program

The Staughton College Music Program offers students structured classroom music classes and an opportunity to enrol in the college instrumental tuition music program. This program includes music lessons across a range of instruments such as:





Students are encouraged to consider learning a musical instrument to assist the development of important skills including co-ordination, confidence, performance experience, communication skills, improving language acquisition and artistic creativity. We believe that learning how to play an instrument or how to sing is a rewarding activity that can help create these skills, and enrich students learning at Staughton College.

Staughton College Instrumental Music Program 2021

Have you ever wanted to play your favourite song on the guitar? Do you wish you could read music? Do you want to play the drums in a rock band? These are just some of the opportunities that are waiting for you at Staughton College!

Staughton College has an extensive Instrumental Music Program. A major feature of this program is the instrumental teachers who come to the college once a week to share their knowledge and expertise on a range of instruments. Our teachers are passionate and educated, with real-world experience in the music industry. In addition, our new instrumental music facilities have just been completed and we’re very excited to open these fantastic spaces to prospective music students.

Music lessons can provide students with important skills such as co-ordination, confidence, performance experience, communication, memory and an improvement in their language acquisition and artistic creativity. Learning how sing or play an instrument are rewarding activities and research has shown that learning an instrument enhances cognitive brain function and academic ability. Over the years, Staughton College’s Music Program has had the privilege of producing many fine musicians who are still to this day working in various avenues of the music industry.

Every student enrolled in the Instrumental Music Program has the opportunity to perform at a selection of concerts and events throughout the year. These performances are a great opportunity for students to share their progress and achievements with their fellow music students, friends, family members and teachers.

Students also have the opportunity to complete music theory exams and participate in small groups such as rock bands and instrumental ensembles.

The instrumental music lessons offered at the school are run on a rotating timetable. This way the students don’t miss out on the same class every week.

The program is extremely popular and sometimes this means spots will fill up very quickly. If you’re interested in joining the program – don’t hesitate to apply.


Mr Luke Hart is one of our specialist guitar teacher. Luke teaches acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar. He is skilled in playing all styles of music, from jazz and blues to metal, hard rock and funk fusion. He specialises in improvisational lead guitar techniques and has been working and performing as a professional musician for over 16 years in various bands.

Ms Chelsea Pollock is our specialist piano and keyboard teacher. She is currently studying teaching at university and is a Staughton College graduate who excelled in the Arts, particularly Music and Theatre. As a result, she is passionate about the college’s extra-curricular activities and working with our students to achieve their goals.

Ms Sylvia Te’o is our specialist voice teacher. She has been part of choirs and bands and has been a singing and vocal coach for more than 4 years. Sylvia was amongst the top achieving VCE Music student in her graduating year, performing at the highly regarded Top Acts concert, which showcases outstanding senior students from Victorian schools.

Mr Benjamin Costello is one of our specialist guitar teachers. Ben has over 15 years of experience and specialises in both acoustic and electric guitar. In addition to Instrumental Music teaching, Ben is also a classroom music teacher, which mean Ben is exceptionally knowledgeable in the Victorian Curriculum, including the VCE Music curriculum.

Mr Peter Kahoun is our specialist drums and percussion teacher. Peter has recent experience in percussion including running ensembles. In addition, he can also play and reading music for piano, guitar and bass.  Peter has over 10 years of teaching experience and is comfortable with a variety of contemporary music styles and theory.

Mr Brett Evans is our specialist woodwind teacher. Brett performs as a professional musician and plays a range of styles from latin, jazz and rock to classical. Brett has toured and played in many groups here and overseas and draws on this experience.  He finds teaching very rewarding and caters for various student abilities.

Mr Damien Maughan is our specialist brass teacher. He has performed and recorded with some of Melbourne’s best Jazz, Latin American and Soul music ensembles, including the Bennetts Lane Big Band, Blowfish, The Pearly Shells Orchestra, The Moovin and Groovin Orchestra, Carlito’s Way and Relax with Max. Damien graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor degree in Music Performance.

Ms Hilary Odgers is our specialist violin and viola teacher. She has more than 18 years’ experience in music and currently records and performs as the violinist and mandolinist in waltz-folk band, Captain Apples. Hilary has also worked with local small orchestras in Melbourne. She studied music at Monash University and is fluent in a variety of styles such as classical, Celtic and jazz, but her passion is folk music.


Instrumental lessons are a $250 annual fee for the whole year but are subject to changes for late enrolments on a term-by-term basis. The usual rate for instrumental lessons outside of school is $50 per hour, however, Staughton College offers an extremely affordable one-off fee that adds up to less than $8 per lesson. These fees are used to cover the various costs in running the Instrumental Program. Payments for these lessons are to be made at the front office in advance. Instrumental lessons must be paid for before students can begin and a Withdrawal Form must be completed at the end of the year.

Private Lessons available for Years 10-12 for $360 per year.


If you are interested in becoming part of Staughton College’s Instrumental Music Program, Please fill in the forms below and payments should be made as soon as possible. Payments can be made over the phone on 03 9743 4622. Spots are limited! The best efforts will be made to ensure all students can participate in the program. If all places are filled, you will be put on a waiting list for the next available spot.

We look forward to seeing you in our music rooms and in the spotlight!

David Schembri                                                                 

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Staughton College



For more information regarding either of our Classroom Music or Instrumental Music Programs,  please contact Mr. David Schembri at the College.

Application Form

  1. Applications for Instrumental Music lessons starting in Term 1 2021 will open on Monday, October 26th 2020 (Week 4, Term 4) and close on Friday, February 22nd 2021 (Week 4, Term 1).
  2. Student may also begin lessons later in the year, spaces permitting, for a reduced fee.
  3. Application must be submitted, and payment made before Week 4 of commencing term.
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