The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) is a collective of like-minded schools who strongly value Gifted Education in Victorian Government secondary schools. SEAL Academy schools, such as Staughton College, offer accelerated and engaging programs for their groups of gifted students.

The TAASS Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program is designed to cater for gifted, talented and high-achieving students. It operates on the principles of Curriculum Acceleration and Enrichment.

The first of these – Curriculum Acceleration – enables students to commence areas of work earlier and/or move through areas of work more quickly. The end result of this approach is to provide a more challenging learning environment for students. TASSS SEAL students complete a three-year program, with the intention of allowing them to study of a greater number and range of VCE units, including tertiary studies while at school, which can assist with both ATAR scores and course entry requirements.

The second of these – Curriculum Enrichment – encourages the study of more complex and abstract concepts in class and a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills such as analysing, synthesising, generalising and recognising relationships. Students are actively encouraged to develop investigative, problem solving and creative thinking skills which will challenge and engage them, and which will provide an excellent foundation for further studies.

The TAASS SEAL coordinator oversees the program and learning progress of all TAASS SEAL students. The TAASS SEAL program includes a range of academic study along with enrichment activities and community focused events. Part of the learning progress involves monitoring student’s progress and reports. Supportive adaptable learning tools are a key element in ensuring every TAASS SEAL student achieves success. Each TAASS SEAL group stays together as a class for the first three years of their secondary schooling, receiving a purpose designed and delivered curriculum program.

TAASS SEAL Courses Offered:

From Year 7 – 9 the subjects offered in SEAL are: Advanced Maths, English, Science and SOSE, Music, French, Food, Health, PE and Art. After Year 9, the third year of the program, the Careers Coordinator and TAASS SEAL Coordinator meet one on one with the SEAL students to agree on a personalised career action plan to complete their schooling. We encourage TAASS SEAL students to explore all options to ensure they can achieve their best ATAR score. Such options may include the possibility of studying a university course prior to entering university.

SEAL 2019 Registrations

Registrations for entry into the 2019 Year 7 SEAL class are currently open. Please click on the link below to register your child for the Edutest, which will be running on Saturday September 1, from 9-12.00 at the school.

Do not miss this chance to register, as this link expires on August 24. Late registrations are not possible.

Before registering, please ensure that your child has been accepted into Staughton College.

Edutest close at 5pm Friday 24th August

For those who have registered, more information about this morning will be made available closer to the date.


2018 Timeline for Enrolment Process for SEAL:

April/May –

Primary Schools will distribute a Transition Pack to all parents/carers of Grade Six Students.

May –

Fri 11th May: Parents/carers return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary schools by this date.

August –

Wednesday 8th August: Primary schools notify parents/carers of Year 6 students, in writing, with placement offers. This notification should include a rationale for any non-placement if applicable.

August –

Friday 10th August: Registration for the Edutest will open on our school website.

Friday 24th August: Registration for the Edutest will close on our school website.

September –

Saturday 1st of September: Edutest Session at Staughton College (9AM – 12PM)

Last week of Term 3: Candidates notified of results and next stage in the interview process.


For further information regarding the TAASS SEAL program at Staughton College, please contact Erin Favero. Email: