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Parents are key partners in the education process, and Staughton College provides the following information to assist parents in supporting their daughter/son and the college during the years of secondary schooling.

Parents can expect that:

  • Their son/daughter receives a high quality education
  • The college will support and enhance the educational and social development of students
  • The college will apply VCAA rules fairly and consistently
  • The college will apply DEECD rules fairly and consistently
  • The college will provide regular and detailed information/feedback to parents regarding student progress

Parents can support the college by:

  • Ensuring that students attend all lessons every day, with the correct materials
  • Ensuring that students arrive to school on time in full school uniform
  • Verifying all reasons for student absence and/or lateness , either in writing, in person or by telephone
  • Encouraging balance. Monitoring student “screen time” (computers, television, etc) to minimise issues such as cyber bullying and set aside at least 30 minutes a day to encourage, model and practice reading at home (magazines, newspapers, library books etc.)
  • Ensuring that any homework or revision is completed as stipulated and on time
  • Minimizing the disruption to student learning, such as extended family holidays during the term
  • Contacting the relevant Year Level Co-ordinator if there are any well-being or academic concerns
  • Keeping contact details up to date by contacting the office with current mobile numbers and email addresses
  • Responding to all letters, emails, phone calls and SMS regarding student progress and attendance
  • Signing up to receive our Parent Newsletter electronically
  • Supporting the college in relation to decisions made regarding breaches of the college Engagement and Well-Being Policy, VCAA rules or DEECD policy
  • Attending Parent Teacher interviews and other college events to maintain effective communication channels
  • Ensuring students maintain a balance between school, recreation/leisure and part-time work