Staughton College’s on-campus Uniform Shop is open Monday: 8am – 10am & Thursday: 3pm – 5pm. Click here for a price list.

To ensure College pride, all items of uniform must be worn in good, clean condition.

The key reasons for having the Staughton College uniform policy:

  • To continually project the positive image of our school within the community.
  • To have easy identification of students by staff (for Student safety, staff being able to easily differentiate from outsiders that may enter the school grounds)
  • Wearing of the Staughton College uniform is the most economical form of attire

Not acceptable items of clothing:

  • Incorrect hosiery (not Blue opaque tights or white socks)
  • Visible undergarments
  • Non Staughton branded school pants/shorts
  • Incorrect footwear
  • Non Staughton College scarves or beanies

A staged response for uniform:

  • 1st Stage- Warning
  • 2nd Stage- Lunchtime detention
  • 3rd Stage- Afterschool detention
  • 4th Stage- Student will be sent home